Do blue light blocking glasses work?

Until recently, humans have been exposed to natural blue light from the sun. Today, many people are exposed to artificial blue light for a prolonged period due to the increased use of electronic devices and light-emitting diodes. You have noticed that few people are not spending a few hours daily on digital screens nowadays. Most people spend extended periods in front of electronic devices resulting in digital eye strain. With an increase in digital devices, you may be struggling with eye discomfort from prolonged exposure to blue light. Spending too much time staring at a digital device leaves your eyes unfocused, tired and dry, which shows that you are feeling the effects of excessive exposure to blue light. Today, most social and work-life revolve around digital devices; hence, avoiding blue light is impossible. Luckily, glass manufacturers such as Warbyparker offers blue light blocking glasses that will help you counteract the negative impact of blue light. Blue light glasses benefits have increased their demand.

Sources of Blue Light

High energy visible light is found naturally in sunlight or artificially in tablet screens, smartphones, computer monitors, LEDs, and fluorescent light. Sunlight is the natural and primary source of blue light. Many electronics, including LED bulbs, release blue light, but televisions and computer screens emit more blue light than other devices because they use liquid crystal displays. Electronic devices emit a small amount of blue light. However, the risk of blue light from digital devices is rising due to increased screen time. Although most of the exposure to blue light is from the sun when you are outside, people are getting excessive exposure indoors. If you choose to stay indoors playing video games or watching movies for an extended time, you are not safe from blue light. Electronics release a small amount of high-energy visible light, but the number of hours you spend using your devices can have an immediate and cumulative negative impact on your health.

How Does Blue Light Affects Your Eyes

Blue light has a high energy frequency that increases wakefulness and attentiveness during the day, but at night it suppresses the production of melatonin in your body which in turn hinders your ability to sleep. Delaying the release of melatonin interferes with your circadian cycle, affecting your sleep schedule. Almost all visible blue light emitted by the sun and digital devices pass through the lens and cornea and reaches your retina. In large quantities, the blue light wavelength can damage your retina, increasing your risk of vision impairment and permanent eye damage. Moreover, exposure to the intense blue light sun increases the risk for eye diseases, including macular degeneration and cataracts.

What are Blue light Glasses?

In an attempt to reduce the negative impact of excessive exposure to high-energy visible light, glass manufacturers such as Warbyparker have designed a variety of lenses with special coatings. Blue light glasses are lenses that will reduce your exposure to blue light. They are designed to filter or block the high-energy visible light preventing your cornea from being damaged. They also have an anti-glare coating which reduces eye strain. Wearing blue light blocking glasses will make your eyes feel relaxed and less tired at the end of the day due to reduced exposure to blue light emitted by the sun and electronic devices. Warbyparker has designed blue light filter glasses that provide relief from the adverse side effects of exposure to sunlight and staring at screens for an extended period.

Blue light blocking glasses reduces the amount of high-energy visible light that reaches your eyes. Wearing them blocks most of the blue light emitted by both natural and artificial sources, reducing the potential for eye damage. They filter out light waves from digital devices, and thus you do not have to be worried about blue light. Wardy Parker claims that blue light blocking lenses relieve eye strain symptoms, including blurred vision, dry eyes, and headache.

Blue Light Glasses Benefits

Today more social and work-life involves using electronic devices for multiple hours daily. You may be spending more time tethered to your electronic devices than ever. Nearly all life aspects went online, including work meetings since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Consider wearing blue light filter glasses when you spend time outdoors and using electronic devices for a prolonged time. You can also wear blue light blocking glasses when exposed to LED bulbs to enjoy blue light glasses benefits.

Better sleep

Enhanced sleep is one of the blue light glasses benefits. Getting out in the sunlight can help you feel alert. Also, spending time on a screen before going to bed can make increase alertness meaning that you will struggle to sleep. Therefore, exposure to a computer, tablet, or phone screen before going to bed can delay melatonin release making it difficult to sleep immediately. Instead, you may not be sleepy since your mind and body may not be fully ready to sleep.
Experts recommend blue light glasses to be used while using devices that produce blue light one or two hours before you retire to bed to enjoy blue light glasses benefits. Blue light filtering glasses users have been found to sleep better. Wearing blue light filter glasses improve sleep quality and quantity. Blue light blocking glasses enhances sleep by reducing melatonin suppression, a sleep-inducing hormone affected by blue light.

Less Eye Strain

Long hours of looking at your smartphone, tablet, and computer screen or playing video games and watching TV can lead to you experiencing eye strain. Computer vision syndrome, characterized by watery eyes, headache, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light, has become a common issue for many people. When you stare at digital screens for an extended period, you do not blink as often as you normally would, and this causes your eyes to dry and feel irritated. Blinking less strained and contract your eyes, especially if the screen is too close to your eyes, resulting in eye discomfort, including blurred vision, dry eyes, and irritation. Besides, shifting focus contrast and glare can lead to digital eye strain symptoms. Blue light makes it hard to focus on the screen making your eyes strain. Blue light glasses reduce eye strain by increasing screen contrast making it easy to focus.

Fewer headaches

Sitting for an extended period starring at digital screens can leave you tensed and struggling with a headache not because of overworking but due to blue light. Blue light from electronic devices, including smartphones and computer screens, may trigger migraine headache pains. Blue light glasses block this light, thus may reduce migraine attacks and subsequently reducing headaches.

Reduced risk of eye diseases

Reduced risk of eye conditions is one of the most important blue light glasses benefits. Your retina may be damaged due to exposure to blue light. Animal studies have shown that even short-time exposure of a few hours may be harmful. Blue light triggers the release of toxic molecules in photoreceptor cells which causes damage that may lead to macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is a major cause of blindness. Blue light also, once reaching your retina, increases the risk of cataracts developing. Blue light glasses prevent exposure to high energy visible light, thus reducing the risk of contracting eye diseases caused by blue light.

Best Blue Light Blocking lenses

If you want to try blue light filter glasses, consider buying a pair with anti-glare lenses. You can get a wide variety of blue light glasses with a Google searDo blue light blocking glasses work?ch. Warbyparker is one of the brands that offer lenses that block blue light and is well known for its online shopping portal that allows clients to order prescription blue light lenses. Warbyparker is an online retailer of contact lenses, prescription glasses, and sunglasses with headquarters in New York City, America. The company provides an option to add the coating to the glasses. The firm uses a ‘buy one, give one’ entrepreneurship model where for each pair of glasses you purchase, Warbyparker produces another pair which is given to a needy person. Warbyparker’s blue light blocking lenses include Haskell, Wright, and Lydell blue light filtering glasses.

Blue light glasses benefits are many; hence you should consider ordering to protect yourself from high energy visible light. Blue light filter glasses prevent eye damage from excessive exposure to blue light with protective technologies. Blue light blocking glasses helps alleviate the discomfort of spending too much time on digital screens.