How to Choose Colored Contact Lenses

Contact lenses may be considered easy to deal with compared to other alternative vision correction options. Better still, prescription colored contacts are also considered a convenient choice for everyday use and finding the right pair does not have to be complicated. There are different types of colored contact lenses;

i)Enhancement lens tints-This sort of lens provides for natural eye color. It is often the choice of people who want to enhance their natural eye color without going for the dramatic change that comes with other lens tints.
ii)Opaque lens tints- The choice of people who want to experience a dramatic change in eye color. This kind of lens tint changes the color of one’s eyes entirely, from hazel or brown to vibrant green, sky blue or deep black.
iii)Transition lens tints-Used by people who need to go outdoors and indoors at different times throughout the day. This tint can be worn during the day but is not suitable for evening use because its abilities are visible when light hits it.

Knowing how to choose them is essential to ensure that you find the right pair of prescription colored contacts. The following information will provide you with tips on how to do so.


Prescription colored contacts do not have to be boring. When choosing colored contacts for astigmatism, you need to select freshlook color blends. The color may also vary depending on the lighting. It is essential to try out your new look color blends in various conditions and choose what fits you best. You need to be sure that the color;
i) Does not clash with your eye and hair color.
ii) It Does not cause you to look tired or unwell.
ii) It Is not overly bright.


The kind of colored contacts for astigmatism that you wear is significant in the comfort level. The following are the factors that can determine your comfort;

i)The kind of colored contacts for astigmatism you have been using before. If you are used to soft contact lenses, choose something soft. Soft contact lenses can be more comfortable than rigid ones, but they do not give as much security and stability if they get dirty or wet.
ii)Your eye shape. The shape of your eyes and the colored contacts type will affect your comfort level.
iii)Your eyeball shape. Your eyeball shape plays a part in determining the kind of colored contacts for astigmatism right for you.


It is only natural to look for colored contacts that meet your standards. Certain 1800contacts are sold with a higher rate of success than others. The following are factors that determine the success of these lenses;

i)Staying power. To ensure that you get the desired results from your colored contacts, choosing a lens that manages to stay intact for a reasonable period, about five days at least before it has to be changed, is essential. This way, your eyes will not become irritated due to irritation or dryness, and you will be able to experience the benefits of contact lenses so long as they do not leak while they are in place.
ii)Brand. To ensure that your colored contacts will last longer, choose a brand, such as 1800contacts, that is proven to ensure durability and stability.


The price of prescription colored contacts differs from brand to brand. Some brands are priced higher than others, and some are cheaper, depending on the manufacturer’s policies and the quality of their products. The following are factors that can determine the price;

i)The eye health of the person using them. The kind of 1800contacts lenses you wear will depend on your eye health status hence different prices.
ii)The color of the colored contacts or brand. Some brands boast a higher rate of success than others, and they are also priced higher by some manufacturers because they charge more per lens or per pair. 1800contacts are, however, affordable and excellent quality
iii)Manufacturer’s policies and quality control measures- the price that a manufacturer charges for its products is usually determined by the quality control measures it puts in place and its policies on product development, packaging and testing, advertising and distribution.

Personal Style

When choosing your 1800contact lenses, it is also essential to have a personal style that you can incorporate into your look. This will help you decide on the freshlook color blends and design of your lenses to complement your overall appearance and make you look good. The following are tips for making sure that your prescription colored contacts in with the rest of your look;

i) Wear your 1800contacts lenses when you plan to create a new style statement. However, wearing contacts that stand out so much may not be suitable for formal events at times.
ii) Choose 1800contacts that fit in with the overall color scheme of an outfit or shoes, as this will help pull all your accessories together and create a more fashionable, finished look.


The size of the 1800contacts lenses needed varies from person to person, depending on one’s eye structure. Some people need more oversized colored contacts than others to ensure comfort and stability while in place, while others do not. Various factors determine the size of colored contacts lenses;
i)Eye sizing- Not all people have similar-sized eyes, eye shapes, and sizes, so it is essential to determine the ideal size before choosing a lens.
ii)Manufacturer’s sizing-The manufacturing process helps to determine the size of colored contacts. Each manufacturer has its way of offering sizes such as diameter and height.


The 1800contacts lenses come in different shapes; some are more suitable for particular looks and styles than others. Choosing the proper form for your eyes is crucial to get a good eye fit and get the utmost comfort from your contacts. This will also create a better optical result and make your eyes look more attractive.


Clarity is vital when choosing the 1800contacts lens. It is crucial to find one that will give a clear vision. The following are factors that determine clarity;

i)Diffractive Index-This mainly depends on the shape of the lenses being used and the material used. Some lenses have more diffractor power than others, making them clearer or sharper.
ii)Quality control measures- This determines the quality of the lens you choose. A clear lens is usually a good quality product.
iii)Material used in making the colored contacts-Some materials are more transparent than others, depending on how much refraction they give off.


The design of the 1800contacts lens is also an essential factor in determining its overall appeal. Choose freshlook color blends that complement your style. If the lens is unique, it will be easy to match it with clothes of any color or pattern. Also, make sure that your 1800contacts lenses are not too big for your eyes as this can make you look very unappealing and uncomfortable. However, there are times when a big lens may look better on someone as it makes their eyes stand out more. The design of the 1800contacts lens should help to complement your overall appearance and fit in with the general color scheme of an outfit or accessories.

Seek Medical Advice

It is essential to seek medical advice before getting colored contacts for astigmatism. It would be best to discuss your eye health with an eye care professional before you begin to wear contacts to rule out any underlying conditions that could negatively affect your eyesight.

Precautions when choosing the lenses

It is vital to make sure that you follow the following guidelines when choosing your 1800contacts lens;

i)Do not allow your friends or relatives to select for you as they may not understand the best-colored contacts for astigmatism in your eyes. As a result, their choice may be wrong, impeding your vision.
ii)Monitor all products you use yourself so that an allergic reaction does not occur after use. You, yourself, should be the one to decide on what type of freshlook color blends contacts you will be putting in your eyes and monitor any reactions after such use.
iii)Make sure that you are comfortable with the contacts. Make sure that the contact fits nicely on your eyes and that it is, in fact, comfortable to wear.
iv)If possible, do not buy products from unknown sources as sometimes you may not be getting what you bargained for.
v)Always read the label carefully before using a product, as manufacturers or sellers can often change their label and add other ingredients such as non-hygienic substances to their products.
vi)Make sure you know the exact purpose of colored contacts before using them.

In conclusion, it is essential to know how and when to wear your contact lenses to make the most of the freshlook color blends. This will help you achieve a much brighter, healthier-looking eye that looks very attractive and stylish. Be sure to see your eye doctor regularly to ensure that your eyes are healthy and free of infections.